Friday, October 2, 2009

From Eating to Seating

Many years ago I gave this old 50s embroidered and appliqued fruit tablecloth a new life and created a pillow out of it.  I never even used it.

The checkerboard border is pieced together and the piping trim is made from a striped fabric.  How would you categorize this pillow?  Retro 50s modern?  I've always wanted a sofa where this pillow would be at home.  I picture it going on a sofa like one of these:


And little did I know until I found them
when cleaning out my sewing room closet...

That pillow had three brothers.  I actually made four pillow faces of that tablecloth and had forgotten about them all these years.  All that work and then they sat in a bag at the bottom of the closet!

I mean this is a nicely made pillow!  With a zipper!
Wow, I used to be rather meticulous!

And, also in the bag was more fabric, more piping, and more zippers!  I was organized!  These will be sold in my Etsy shop.  Think anybody has a cool retro sofa to display them on?

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