Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lots of Fun on Halloween

Trick or Treat started an hour ago, pumpkin seeds are in the oven, and the Jack-O-Lanterns are carved - last minute as usual (you wouldn't want 'em to go mushy by doing it too early).

Keaton is at a party, Larry is going for a run and I'm answering the door while playing our Halloween Mix on iTunes.  Let's see - here's the lineup of Halloween songs:
This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas
The Worms Crawl in
Jaws Theme
Monster Mash
Phantom of the Opera Overture
Witch doctor
Psycho Theme
Munsters Theme
She Blinded Me With Science
Twilight Zone
Adams Family Theme
Somebody's Watching Me

Later we'll carry out one last Halloween tradition - turn out all the lights, light the jack-o-lanterns and sing our own Halloween songs at the top of our lungs:  Ghost of Tom, Halloween, The Owls and Witches and Jack-o-Lantern.

Happy Halloween From our House to Yours

(I'll give you one guess who made the Cyclops.)


  1. Larry! I'm first to comment! HaHa!

  2. yep, definitely DAD. And i really wish I could've been there for halloween!!!


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