Monday, October 26, 2009

Movies I Have to see Once a Year

When I was a little girl, there were certain movies that came on TV only once a year.  There were no videos or DVDs, there was no TiVo or DVR, there was no streaming on the internet.  It was on when it was on.  You better be ready and waiting in front of the television when the appointed time rolled around or you were out of luck until next year.  The two shows I remember waiting for with excited childhood anticipation were:

Peter Pan starring Mary Martin
and of course, The Wizard of Oz.

Now things are quite different.  Not only are we no longer a slave to broadcast schedules, we can actually own the movies we love and watch them whenever we want.  When purchasing a DVD we have to ask ourselves, "Will I want to watch this over again?"  Otherwise, why buy it?

I have realized there are certain movies that are currently on my once a year rotation.  First of all, it's a requirement that the following are viewed each summer:

It isn't summer unless my daughter and I have watched The Parent Trap 2 - it gets us in the mood to go to Girl's Camp and Chelsea loves twin Annie's English clothing style.  Larry, my husband, envisions himself the dad in RV - defeated yet trying to make everyone happy - and ya gotta love the Gornicke family.  Dan in Real Life is just plain funny - Ruthie Pig nose Draper!  Ok, ok I know, but it just feels like summer when you hear "What Time is it?  Summertime!"  And it was a tradition to put Toy Story on the old VCR up at the cabin when I was fixing waffles and everybody was just getting out of bed.  There are so many lines from those movies that we all know by heart.

Next, these are required viewing or it just ain't Christmas.

It's a Wonderful Life - yes it's long, but I like to watch it on Thanksgiving morning just after the parades... makes ya think.  Ok, I just need to see the bigfoot parody or Elf eating cotton balls to bring on the holiday spirit.  I like all the Christmas Carol movies, but it just doesn't seem that any of the other Scrooges get as giddy as Alastair Sim on the morning after.  The Holiday is just good.  I must be a fan of director, Nancy Meyer - she just gets people and situations right - and Jude Law... (sigh)

Final once-a-year category?   The chick flicks.

I loved Ever After.  Maybe Drew Barrymore was slightly miscast, but Dugray Scott???  Yowsa!  I love the scene where he's at her front door explaining his obvious interest in her.  The Inheritance is a little known movie based on a book by Louisa May Alcott.  I think it was a made for TV Hallmark type movie.  It's sweet and predictable, but oh it strikes a wistful chord in me - Thomas Gibson as James Percy - nice.  I do love all things Jane Austin and though the debate between versions of Pride and Prejudice rages on - I think everyone loves whichever they first viewed - and Matthew Macfadyen, yeah.  Oh, I also like to watch the BBC mini-series version, too.  There's nothing like Colin Firth emerging from the pond!  It's kind of early to tell, but I'm thinking Twilight will become an annual event in the future - I know it would be easy to read the book annually.  And of course, The Princess Bride.  We know every line - As you wish.

What are your must see once-a-year movies?


  1. For the Holidays, it has to be just plain Rudolph and Frosty - but none of those newer versions! Sound of Music has always been one of my favorites! Saw it 7 times at the old Fox Bay theatre. My chick flick - Continental Divide with John Belushi.

  2. A Christmas Story... "You'll shoot your eye out!" an all time classic in the Christmas movie genre. I've decided that I heart Ralphie.

  3. Yes, those are also great holiday shows! I forgot a movie that our family seems to want to watch once a year about the time school starts -- Napoleon Dynamite. Oh yeah. I remember the first time I saw it - upon exiting the theater, I realized my face was stuck in this sort of stumped, quizzical, amused expression. The quotes are endless... the sign of a true cult classic.


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