Friday, October 23, 2009

Some Years it's an Obsession

Time is running out.  
Are you ready for Halloween?  
Got your costume?

Not every year results in an ambitious Halloween costume.  My kids know this.  It's really hit or miss what they'll get out of their mother.  Keaton's "Link" from Legend of Zelda costume above was one of those ambitious years when I was obsessed wandering around the Goodwill store to find just the right sweater that looked like chainmaille and just the right purse to cut up and slap around his forearms for wrist gauntlets and just the right belts for those strappy things.

All that from a cartoon picture.

Yes, there were plenty of years where we just "made do" with what we could find around the house.  Here's Princess Chelsea with the 50,000 yards of red tulle we had laying around.  Next we have Lars who was obviously on his own that year with his plastic knight's helmet, clown wig, leather cowboy vest and red satin shirt all dug from the costume boxes.  Don't know who the mummy kid is, but the one next to him/her is Nathan and he's wearing a store bought (gasp!) Tick costume.  Anybody remember the Tick?  If I recall correctly, it was a short-lived cartoon character from the early 90s.

Nathan often came up with a good costume idea that didn't take a ton of work on my part, dear boy. Here he is  striking a pose as a 70s disco guy complete with polyester pants, wing collared quiana shirt and gold chain necklace.

And here's Nate again (with Carly) in a granny wig wearing authentic dress, hat, sweater and purse dug out of my vintage stash.  Yep, some years were easier than others.  But  let's not get too past tense about it.  I'm not off the hook yet, I still have pending requests... let's see... for a full blown Matrix Neo Nehru collar long black coat... and a Star Trek uniform as previously stated, and a LED studded light up jacket for Keaton to do some cool dance moves in... the list goes on...


Lemon tree very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet-
But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat.

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