Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thank You, Anne

My friend, vice president and fellow board member, Anne, is resigning from the school board after five and a half years.

Up for re-election in April, Anne would have six months to complete in her second term.  Her last day will be this Monday, October 12th.  On that day at a public board meeting, the remaining six board members will select someone from the eleven (yes, eleven) people who have applied for the appointment to fill the remaining months of her term.  Whoever gets the appointment will have big shoes to fill.  Anne is amazing.  She is brilliant first of all... and has a memory like a steel trap.  A huge advocate for all kids, she's fair and unassuming.  Anne really understands education.  She's an attorney - a school arbitrator to be exact.  Shortly after her election, Anne received word that she could not arbitrate in the state of Wisconsin while serving on a school board.  How many people do you know that would put their career on hold for five and a half years to perform community service???  You are looking at one.  Anne has been our "in-house" expert and Menomonee Falls has been the big winner here.  Thank you, Anne.  You will be missed.

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  1. Anne will be missed by many! She always seemed to ask the right questions or explained things in a non-school board, down to earth language. I have learned to look at many things in a different way because of Anne. Thank you Anne!!


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