Monday, April 5, 2010

Shelf of the Week - Pink

Shelves of fabric, sort of sorted by color, make up my sewing room.  
Black, red/purple, pink, yellow, cream, white, green, brown, and gray all have designated shelves.  What a mess.  I haven't refolded my fabric in years and years, yet I've pulled pieces out and jammed yardage back in over and over.   Lately, I've been trying to organize my sewing room.  You may remember the great closet makeover of last fall.  Well, I'm still working at the rest of the room.  My kids are all coming home (in three weeks- tick, tick, tick) from BYU to spend the summer here - even my oldest son, Lars and his wife, Spring.  (Yes, Spring's coming this spring!)  Lars and Spring need a place to crash for a few months until they leave for a year-long trip to China in August.   So, they are taking the sewing room and I am moving creative operations into my bedroom over the summer.   Anyway, my supplies need to be in order to make room for them.

To keep me on the straight and narrow and provide accountability, I'm going to tackle a shelf per week and blog the highlights along the way... starting with pink.  
Now I don't have a "before" picture because I folded the shelf before I decided to blog about it.  So all you get is the "after" and the highlights of the pink shelf.  There will always be highlights.  Actually, I must have a terrible memory because I keep finding fabrics I had forgotten all about.  Blame it on school board.
Here are some pink barkcloth highlights.  For those of you who are not familiar with barkcloth, it was a heavy weight, textured cloth in fashion from the 30s-50s mostly used for draperies.  My personal favorite here is the lower left barkcloth with the turquoise geraniums and salmon colored cafe curtains.  Based on everything I have learned and read, the middle pale, textured one (I suspect) is the oldest piece - from the 30s.
Next are the pink tablecloths - mostly from the 50s.
These are yardages - all in widths of less than 40" indicating they were produced before the 1950s.  I've got at least 5 yards of the one on the lower right with the roses on dusty pinky peach.  It's soft and supple.  What piece of clothing would you make with it?
And we can't forget the bright and fun colors of mid century fabrics!  Lower left is a mod apron.  Upper left is fabric pre-printed for cafe curtains - yards and yards and yards with cut lines, directions and all.  Lower right is a polished cotton also only about 40" wide.  Gotta love the pinks!

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