Monday, April 19, 2010

Shelf of the Week - Red and Purple

I have deduced that red and purple must not have been popular colors for fabrics in the 30s, 40s, and 50s.  I would have bought red and purple as readily as I did any other color, yet I don't have a lot of red and purple vintage fabrics.  They occupy almost the shortest shelf of my vintage fabrics... but there are some goodies.  (Note to my sister:  time to yawn and switch to one of your foodie blogs.  Fabric pictures coming.)

Here's the red/purple shelf before.

Here's the red/purple shelf after.  Not much purple at all.
But still, there were some goodies.

Not much barkcloth,
but here's a nicely textured Oriental themed oldie from probably the 30s.

I get the feeling this juvenile print is really old.
I find the bunnies disturbing in a "Chuckie" sort of way.

Love this border print yardage... about 34" wide.

A beautiful damask.

Some fun tablecloths with red motifs.

Gotta love the lobster tablecloth!

Can't forget our purples.
This is a beautiful border print and judging from the ripped out stitching,
I think this was actually a feed sack.

I know this is just a sheet,
but take a look at those gorgeous medallions and that tatting.

Next week's shelf:  black or yellow.

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