Monday, April 12, 2010

Shelf of the Week - Blue

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

Blue is a popular color - probably the most popular color.  I folded my shelf of blue vintage fabrics this week.  You already know there were some surprises (ie. that embroidered dress fabric I blogged about on Saturday.)
 You may remember what it used to look like.
Here's what it looks like now.

I need more room.  These are just the wovens.  I still have blue knits and bedspreads.  I guess you could say these are my pre-60s fabrics.  Once again there were some blue highlights.  Lots of 'em.
Only three or four blue barkcloths.  I have the same geranium fabric that was on the pink shelf, only this one is in an aqua colorway.  The nursery print is sooo 40s.  Getting tropical in the lower right.
Some gorgeous blue tablecloths.
Love this Pennsylvania Dutch farm print.
1950s rodeo print.  Just saw the clown in the barrel!
This is a gorgeous piece of fabric.  What style is this?  There's a whole genre of this type of traditional design.  What's it called?  There's a gap in my interior design training!   ...or maybe I forgot.  Either way I have pieces with this type of design in a number of different colors.  There must be a name for it.  (5/24:  Update!  It came back to me... Jacobean!)
  Tons of blue aprons... see?  Popular.
Awesome 50's or 60s chintz yardage.
Romantic 6" cabbage roses.
This is a 36" wide cotton with 1" flowers.
Closeup of a beautiful old voile.  5 yards.
A slinky fun rayon from the 40s.

Nest week's shelf?  Hmmm... what color should I do next?
Yellow?  Green?  Red?  Cream?  You tell me.

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