Monday, April 26, 2010

Shelf of the Week - Black

Oh, the days are running out. One down, three to go. That is, one college student home, three to go. Chelsea came home Saturday night - Freshmen year now a memory. She'll probably sleep for a week after finals, juries, work, packing and traveling. Soon the piano will start making noise again. Next we'll probably see Nate and then Lars and Spring. That means my days are numbered to complete the transformation of my sewing room to sort of guest room. My machines and ironing board will move to my bedroom for the summer until mid-August when Lars and Spring head for their year in China. This all means I've gotta get cracking on that fabric folding, sorting and organizing... which leads me to this week's shelf - BLACK.

You may recall that my black shelf was the smallest - 
tucked up at the ceiling of the knee wall. 

The satisfying sight of better organization.  My black collection yielded a few goodies and the realization that I need more room for black fabric.  Where to put my very cool black knits?

1940s barkcloth.  These flowers are large - a good foot across.

Some humble cottons.  The one on the left was a day bed cover.

A tiered, ruffled and rick-racked apron.

36" width calico

An unusual barkcloth depicting a Chinese scene complete with turquoise trees, lined waterfalls, the Great Wall, pink pagodas and yellow landscape.  I only have one repeat of this fabric about 28" top to bottom.  Maybe my China-bound son would be interested in a wall hanging.  Or maybe my China-bound D-in-L would like a big bag or purse.  Maybe the Chinese people who saw it on her shoulder would think it's weird.  Hmmm... they'll probably be more fascinated with a pale, freckled, blue-eyed, blonde.

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