Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Amazing Discovery

This 16 x 24 framed print, "Calling Us,"
is hanging in our porch - a room I've tried to give a retro vibe.

The dad is calling away - trying to locate his son to help mow the lawn.

The kid is crouched behind the dog house hiding.

And he's trying to keep his dog quiet.

I loved this print when I saw it leaning against an old dresser in a grassy field at a large flea market about 15 years ago.  I've always been a fan of realistic art from illustrators like Norman Rockwell.  The original framing with spattered gold paint was a plus.  It's so 60s... or late 50s.  Life was so idyllic as illustrated back then.  See dad call.  Call dad call.  See Dick hide.  Dick is hiding behind the dog house.  Spot is hiding, too.

Here's the amazing discovery.  When I put this picture back up on my wall after Christmas, I decided to do some research on the artist, Harry Anderson.  Shock of all shock - I have been familiar with Harry Anderson's work for a long time and didn't know it.  Actually, I even posted a Harry Anderson picture of Mary and Jesus at the tomb on Easter Sunday last week!  What?
I came to find out he's illustrated some of the most famous biblical scenes of all time.  These pieces in the collage above were commissioned by the LDS church.  I've seen them all my life and never knew they were created by the same artist as my little boy avoiding the lawn mowing picture.  Who knew!?

Harry Anderson was a contemporary of Norman Rockwell and one of the top illustrators of his time.  I've decided that I am now a big fan of this man's art.  And there's more.  Look at these!
 A Little Night Music - 1950.

A Good Housekeeping cover - 1950.

One of the Great Moments of Your Life... Your Marriage - 1951

The Marriage - 1946.

Daughter of Kings - 1951

This wonderful illustrator was prolific - doing cover art for Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, Woman's Home Companion, Cosmopolitan, Collier's and more.  Sadly, he passed away in 1996 and I can't locate a single place on the internet selling his prints.  I would love to buy some of them.  The color, the brushstrokes, the light - I have a new favorite artist.

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