Friday, April 9, 2010

Moo Moo? Caftan? Housedress?

I've been working on folding this week's shelf of vintage fabric in the sewing room - blue.   I cannot believe the fabric that I have and I still can't believe that there are so many pieces I've forgotten about. Here's one.
I thought it was just some cotton yardage - 35" wide.  Then I opened it up.  
It had embroidery all over it.
It's one of those pre-printed fabrics or the transfer was ironed on by the original owner.  I don't know when I got this, but the width of the fabric would suggest it dates anywhere from the late 30s to the early 50s - before I was born - thank you very much.  I'm guessing 1950s.  Someone did all that embroidery, but never made it up.
There's enough fabric here to make a fairly long dress/moo moo.  
What would it turn out like?  And there's enough leeway to change it up a bit.  It could have a round neck or a v-neck.  It could be belted or not.  Sleeves seem sort of set.  Hmmm...  Should I sew it up?  How can I update it to make it fresh and trendy?  Any ideas from you fashionistas out there?

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