Saturday, April 10, 2010

ZIP-a-dee-doo-dah! ZIP-a-dee-ay!

I came into some zippers the other day.
Yes, zippers.  For $3.99 I got a bag full of zippers.  About 150 of 'em.  Every color of the rainbow.  Zippers have only been around for about 90 years.  I thought there might be only a few zipper makers, so I kept a list of all the brand names - usually embossed on the pull.  "Talon" wins with the most, but get a load of all these other zipsters:  Murlen, Eflon, Robin, Scovill, Jay, Cort, CC (Coats & Clark), FWW, No Snap, Quik, S&S, Dara, LMS, Elem, Unique, Abbot, Lucky, YKK, Tabit, Falcon... and one I couldn't quite make out... HIWZO, HRWZO???
My favorites are the old metal ones.   I love clothes now that have zippers as a design element - not just for function - where you can really see the zipper - metal teeth required.  And maybe even in a contrasting color.  Adding these newly acquired zippers to my current stock presented me with A LOT or zippers.  I needed a better storage idea than my current drawer full of zippers.  I can only imagine how long it would take me to root around in that drawer to find the right zipper - tangled and bunched up.  So I made a zipper tree... of sorts.
I've had a chain hanging from the ceiling of my sewing room.  On the chain I bent some wire into hooks.  For years, this chain and hook system did very well for vintage hats and purses.  No more.
Now it's my zipper tree.
Easy to find.  Easy to see.

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